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Month: July 2015

Did you know…

Did you know…

Earlier on in the year, we added the ability for you to see your old scorecards (starting with this year).  To view them, simply view the full league schedule, find the week you want to look at, and then open the scorecard.  Every scorecard contains the scoring sheet as well.  They will not always match up to the points ultimately awarded due to a variety of errors – such as incorrect addition, using the incorrect course handicap, etc…

To view follow the following screenshot:


Then clicking on “View” will return the scorecard and scoring sheet:


We hope you enjoy being able to go back and look at your scorecards!

Rules Updates

Rules Updates

There has been some discussion on holes #12 and its drop area, as well as questions around relief for in-bounds lost balls (e.g. left side trees on #17)…  Here are some updates to help clarify the league’s position:

Current Rule #2: “A ball hit out of bounds & lost ball & hazard is a stroke penalty, not a stroke plus distance. Drop ball on line of flight NOT LATERAL on lost ball, unplayable, out of bounds.”

This rule has been clarified by the league officers to state that it includes balls in-bounds and out-of-bounds.  So if your ball is lost or unplayable, such as in the trees on the left side of hole #17, you can take relief on the line of flight back toward the original spot.  You incur a penalty of one shot if you take relief.

Rule #2’s proposed amendment states: “A ball hit out of bounds, or a lost ball or an unplayable ball (in-bounds), or a ball hit into a water hazard (also see rule #12) is a stroke penalty, not a stroke plus distance. Take a stroke penalty and drop ball on LINE OF FLIGHT -or- re-hit from previous spot.”

Current Rule #12: “Other than on holes that have a designated drop area, no drop should be closer to the hole. There are drop areas on holes 2,5,12, & 13”

This rule has had a few issues, given there is no marked drop area on holes #12 and #13.  The league officers have decided to play the red tees as the designated drop area on hole #12.  We will also be removing reference to the drop area on hole #13.

For hole #12, if you hit into the pond, you have two options:

  • Re-tee from the blue tee box for your third shot.  (A stroke penalty is incurred)
  • Drop from the red tee box for your third shot.  (Do not re-tee.  A stroke penalty is incurred here as well.)

Rule #12’s amendment states: “Other than on holes that have a designated drop area, no drop should be closer to the hole. There are drop areas on holes 2, 5, 12 (red tee box on hole 12). On hole #2, a tee shot in the pond – even if it crossed and rolled back in – is to be re-teed or dropped in the designated drop area.  On any hole, if you re-tee or use a drop area, you must take a stroke penalty.”

Also, to not be contradictory, we are proposing removing rule #14:

Current Rule #14: “If your tee shot lands in a body of water and the hole has a drop area, you must hit your next shot from the drop area. It does not matter how your ball ended up in the water. For example if you hit across a pond and your ball then roll back into the water, you may not take a drop at that point, you must go back to the drop area if one exists.”

This rule exists primarily for hole #2.  The intent of this has been incorporated into rule #12 above, so we are proposing striking this rule altogether.

For background information on the official USGA interpretations on relief options, we have included diagrams from the rules book:

Rule 26 – Water Hazards


Rule 28 – Ball Unplayable