General Rules

  1. Players without a handicap must declare if they are the high or the low handicap for the team, before the start of the match. BE HONEST!
  2. All teams are required to submit a team roster w/ a team captain to league secretary prior to the start of the season. No more than 4 players will be allowed on the original team roster.  All others will be placed on sub list.
  3. In case a dispute occurs over a league play, the league officers will make a ruling and their decision will be final.
  4. If the course is open we will play. PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO CONFIRM 402-292-9300. You can also check for updates. Rainouts will be made up at the end of the year.
  5. All results, scores, handicaps, etc. will be posted online at
  6. If you miss you starting hole you’ll have to forfeit the hole and automatically score 1 more stroke than your opponents’ score to lose the hole and you can not qualify for Aces to Aces.


  1. Don’t bring any alcoholic beverages on to the golf course. THIS WILL RESULT IN YOUR EXPULSION FROM THE COURSE AND LEAGUE
  2. The golf course dress code must be followed (T-shirts are not allowed).
  3. If you damage the course or any of its equipment you will be held responsible. The league is not responsible and will not tolerate the misconduct of its members.
  4. Don’t retrieve balls hit out of bounds on private property. Failure to obey this rule will result in your expulsion from the course for that evening.


  1. You can replace your ball at any time, except in a hazard. Improved lies (fluff up the ball, cannot touch with your hand) will be allowed everywhere except sand. Ball must stay in same situation. Within a 6″ radius.
  2. A ball hit out of bounds & lost ball & hazard is a stroke penalty, not a stroke plus distance. Drop ball on line of flight NOT LATERAL on lost ball, unplayable, out of bounds.
  3. If a player hits his ball into a sandtrap and the ball lands in a footprint or other unraked area, the player may ask permission from his opponent to move the ball to another location in the sandtrap that is raked and acceptable to the opponent.
  4. Always play ready golf, pick up after Double Par + 2 per hole. A player who holes the ball at the max strokes will win the hole over a player who picks up due to max strokes.
  5. There is a 3 minute time limit looking for a lost ball, such as hitting a tree, water, or long grass.
  6. Unless it is stated in the league rules or course rules the USGA rules will apply.
  7. For the match play component of scoring there is a maximum of one stroke per hole allowed.  (If you have a 5 course handicap and your opponent has a 15 course handicap, you will only give one stroke per hole, not two strokes on one hole.)  For calculating individual and team net scores, the correct course handicap will be used.
  8. Putts are never automatically “good.”  You may, however, give your opponent his putt if its remaining distance is inside the length of your putter, not counting the grip.

Hole Specific Rules

Hole #2

  • Use designate drop area
  • Anyone over age 75 can elect to tee off from the red tees on hole #2. If they choose to do so, they incur a 1 stroke penalty and will be hitting 2 from that spot. They can always elect to hit from the blue tee with no penalty.

Par 3 Holes #5, 8, 12, 15

  • Use marked drop area.  If drop area is not marked, use red tee markers.  If using the red tee markers, the boundary rules for tee boxes apply (ball must be behind front edge of markers, must be between the markers, and can be two-club lengths behind the front edge of markers.)

Hole #14

  • If you put a ball in the creek and intend or think you may want to look for it, you must play a mandatory provisional ball.  If you want to forgo looking for it, tee it up and play your third shot.  If you do not declare a provisional, you must not look for your ball.  Either way, you are re-teeing from the blue teeing area.